Today I learned that when you have too many tabs open on your browser, that little ‘x’ in the corner of your ‘Tumblr’ tab is much easier to press than you’d like it to be. Especially when you’re in the middle of uploading a post.

This is "vegetable" barley soup. I’m not sure why the folks at Quaker won’t call it beef barley soup, because there IS beef in it. I also have no clue why this recipe isn’t on the Quaker site, but I guess when you’re Quaker, you can do what you want. 

This is a really good and easy recipe, perfect for this bitterly cold weather that we’ve been having. I tend to up the quantities of everything here, especially the beef and the barley (1 cup). If you do so, you may want to increase the water/beef broth by a bit if you want a thinner soup. I also add chili sauce (not spicy) and sriracha (VERY spicy) at the end, as it really improves the flavor.

So make this soup. And stay indoors. A real feel of -3??

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